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Manage Multiple Data Projects

Abstractor is designed to help customers manage multiple projects of different record types and gain real-time visibility with dashboards and reports. Security roles and folder-level security allow only authorized users to quickly retreive the information they seek.

Configure Data Structures Easily

A built-in configuration tool allows power users to design data structures including hierarchical structures that are suited to manage each customer's unique data requirements. The ability to have multiple data templates with default values to help customers get a jump on data capture and achieve consistency throughout a record set.

Abstract with Efficiency and Accuracy

Abstractor has purpose-built functionality to facilitate the structuring of unstructured data. If you are trying to wrangle information residing in PDFs, Abstractor is your new best friend. With scanned source documents and the target data fields displayed in a single interface, Abstractor allows users to enter data by simply highlighting data within the source documents. 

Print Beautifully Formatted Record Details

When you manage a database of complicated data - particularly hierarchical data, trying to look at the data in a spreadsheet format presents certain challenges. Abstractor allows companies to create PDF and printer-friendly reports that makes sense for complex record data.

Improve Visibility to Managed Data

With Abstractor's intuitive drag-and-drop interface users can create reports faster than ever before and export data in a number of formats. Reports built within Abstractor can also be used to power interfaces to other systems as well as dashboard widgets to put the most frequently used data front and center.

Integrated Issue Management

Resolving various data-related or project issues relating to a data store may require input from individuals throughout the organization. Abstractor's integrated issues management module enables the effective tracking and resolution of issues by a distributed team to help ensure the highest data quality.

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