Project Home

Manage multiple projects and data templates using folders, subfolders, statuses and assignments.

Configurable Data Structures

Create data structures to create, manage, and view hierarchical data.

Create Structured Data from PDFs

Start taking advantage of important data that may be trapped inside of PDFs. Simply highlight data then assign to your desired field.

Choose How to View Hierarchical Data

Navigating a tree structure to find data can be cumbersome and spreadsheet views are not flexible enough for hierarchical data. Kimvio helps you to create views that make sense for the data you manage.

Drag-and-Drop Reporting

Build powerful reports using our intuitive report builder and forget dealing with SQL statements, entity relationship diagrams, foreign keys, table joins, etc.

Integrated Issue Management

Keeping data clean and consistent can be a persistent challenge for many organizations. Abstractor's Issue Management module allows teams to track and resolve project and data related issues quickly.

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