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Kimvio offers an array of services ranging from implementation services, data migration and training. Kimvio's implementation services are performed to configure Abstractor for each client's specific requirements. Kimvio offers data migration services to help customers bring legacy system data into their new systems. Kimvio also provides web-based training sessions to get users on the path to becoming expert users of Abstractor.


We work closely with you to determine how Abstractor can create efficiency in existing business processes. Kimvio will then configure and test the system to your company's requirements so that you can be up and running quickly.

Data Migration
Operational data from a legacy system can often form a solid foundation on which new data is added. Kimvio has the expertise and tools to make your data migration a smooth and painless process.
Kimvio utilizes both in-person and web-based training to help your team become experts in the features and functions of Abstractor. From data management basics to reporting and system administration, Kimvio offers training for every aspect of Abstractor.
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